Living with anxiety is exhausting


Looking through these eyes

I feel like crying again

Anxiety has me thinking everyone lies

It comes and it goes

Just like clouds in the skies

Some days are brighter than others

Then I’m like a beautiful whirlwind

And some clouds are darker than others

Then I’m like a volcano erupting

Sick of turning to medication

How do we cope without the meds

It’s really people who are no good for us

Need to get out of our heads

If you have nothing positive to say

Don’t speak just listen

Please keep your voice at bay..

I used to wear my heart on my sleeve

The People took my kindness for weakness

Now my hearts never nieve

Don’t look for perfection in me

Flaws and mistakes is what you will see

I’m taking time out now

It’s vital to focus on me.

Life is nothing but a journey.




4 thoughts on “Living with anxiety is exhausting

  1. This really resonates with me, as do all your posts I’ve read. Thank you for following my own blog – it was how I found you. I wish you well on your own journey. Please accept a virtual hug, and keep in touch – I’m following your blog now too.

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  2. Well written and I relate. I was just out of the hospital almost 2 weeks ago for the 4th time this year. I have been battling depression and anxiety. More so the depression. I am healing along with my mind and body through all they both went through this year. Thank you for sharing your post comforted me and it helps me to not feel alone. These days I feel alone with my depression and anxiety. I will read some more of your posts.

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      1. Thank you for being there for me if I need a chat. I don’t feel my best but understand healing takes time and the best thing to do is to rest. I know I will get better but that will take some time. Any time you need me I am here for you too.

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