Time out for you



It’s ok to take time out of work to focus on your mental and physical health… If you do not keep your body healthy your mind will eventually be an unhealthy place. Everything you put in or do to your body has an effect on your mind… The mind is a very sensitised organ and even if you think you will never suffer with mental health issues believe me you will go through a feeling or aspect of your life where you feel exhausted all the time or numb you might feel sad or low… depending on how healthy your mind is controls how long you suffer with that feeling… Just take a moment to reflect on your life. You have been through an enormous amount of pain even though it hurts it made you stronger deep down! It made you see life is not to be taken for granted and life will teach you these things everyday and keep on teaching you these things. Look back at your best points in life and reflect on the positives.
‘A flower loses its beauty every winter, then it blooms back in the summer and it keeps coming back…’ – Claire Elizabeth.
Life is going to knock you down but it’s climbing back up that counts… never give up. You are blessed because you woke up today. Make it a good day on purpose. Open your eyes to learning a new way a new style a new dream. Blessings going out to everyone on here who shows me love and support we are all one and we will be stronger and better for our future. Reach out and help others around you to help themselves.

Claire Elizabeth

#mentalhealthawareness #positivelife

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