Dairy Milk is not good for you

So who’s been hiding the fact that cows are given hormones and antibiotics? Is there a link between disease and control in the United Kingdom as cows milk and other stuff have hidden agendas they are not in fact good for your health instead they can make you very ill. Since birth I have been intolerant to dairy products giving me a rash and making me sick. I know that’s not the case for all people and I’m not here to stop you drinking milk I just want to advise you on the bad stuff that comes from the cows. I live in the countryside and I see cows being treated in a bad way for example people walk them over a main busy road and hit them along the way to get to the destination faster to me that is animal abuse.. but hey I’m not here to safeguard cows either. I think the living conditions have an effect on the produce of cows also not just the hormones, the steroids or the antibiotics that they are pumping into them. For example the way they are excreting and then eating of the same grass and it’s not getting cleaned up they simply have to sit in their own pool of urine and poo. This is creating disease in the cows so they then pump antibiotics into them not worrying that it’s coming through the milk that humans consume daily. Does this have an effect on our antibiotics resistance ? Or am I thinking too deep ? The fact that we are getting antibiotics from milk and food sets our immune system up to fail. When we get an infection our bodies become resistant to the antibiotics because we are simply consuming them every day weather it be in meat or milk products. Any way my point is that cows are being ill treated and neglected they are being given hormone treatments to produce more cows products at a faster rate so this means the cows look more leaner and steak looks more fatter.

Not to mention the steroids that they are giving them imagine a human taking steroids over a long period of time to gain weight we say that it is just a build up of water.. which in a cows point of view is exactly the same so the meat isn’t actually getting bigger or tastier it’s getting pumped with water and then humans are getting poorly from the red meat. In fact studies show that red meat is not actually that good for you it can cause high blood pressure it can cause gout and other health conditions. Is this not a scam to make people more Ill because I can’t see the government changing the way milk is left with pus and blood in. They let them cover it up by bleaching the milk.

Years before I was born, im talking 1960s milk from cows was pure as people never had to rush the process they never had to give them antibiotics and they certainly looked after them well. I know how the milk has changed from being a thick creamy texture to a watery thin texture. I think this is something that needs to change and if it doesn’t change people are going to keep getting illness and diseases.

I personally drink oat milk now or soy milk as both are naturally sourced. I’m not advertising this I’m simply giving my alternative to cows milk as I think people need to find alternatives now before disease controls get out of hand well they are already as all these new cancers and new problems that arise with newborn children I actually think poisoned cows products are more of a health hazard than something that we need. It’s the total opposite they would say anything to make us buy it. Think about it next time you simply see a cow go over to it and just look around the field and read up on how much they become infected and affected by hormones or steroid treatments.


2 thoughts on “Dairy Milk is not good for you

  1. There is a lot of sense in what you say. I’m an environmental chemist by profession, currently working on analysing antibiotics finding their way into rivers after being excreted by farm animals. We are exposed to low levels of antibiotics all the time and there is a LOT of concern about this causing development of resistant bacterial strains.

    Incidentally, I switched from a milk/whey based gym protein shake to a plant based one some months ago and my eczema has cleared up!

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    1. It is funny you say that because I think dairy products are the main cause of triggering eczema in children I have been saying it for years but no-one bloody listens I guess they will only listen to a government body.. I think maybe someday people will realise that cows milk is for baby cows not humans. Years ago the people on earth had to consume things just to survive but now we have science I think we should be trying to consume healthier products for our children’s future… I wonder why in England people rarely live past 60?? Yet in western countries people longer longer than 80 it’s definitely something to consider… even mental health if we are not consuming the right products physically and getting ill how can we stay well mentally? One must have balance between mind and body I’m glad you liked my post I don’t feel like I’m the only one who thinks this now thank you x


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