I am not ashamed of me or where my life has taken me. I have suffered traumatic experiences that most people would never go through, I have lost people close to me and I will mourn them forever. It never goes away I just take each day as I go and hope for a better tomorrow. I have come to learn we are put on earth for a reason and this is my message to the world… I have seen the good the bad and the ugly yet I still have faith that human kind will one day come together and be one. I still have faith in God. I believe there was once a King who cared for mankind and nurtured the people to Cherish life and believe in the power of prayer for strength for love for eternal life. I am not preaching here I am just stating my thoughts on my own life. I believe in miracles and I will always look above and beyond the devastation and propaganda. Noone should need to suffer in silence and as long as my time is here on earth I will try my utmost best to help people and give them strength to carry on in life. Bereavement is a subject I once would never talk about I used to rebel against life and push people away. I couldn’t hold back my tears when I thought about my friends or family passing away and young or old, poorly or not it doesn’t really matter the feelings still hit you like a storm and whizz you around until you fall. I will probably always mourn for my loved ones and it still hurts everyday but I am stronger than I was ten years ago I can see how pain and suffering can either make or break you.. The main thing I’ve learnt about life is opening up my emotions and reaching out for help. One is only human and one sometimes needs a brother or a sister to lean on and I don’t mean literally siblings, as some people are alone but we are all God’s family here on earth so why can’t we start helping people and believing in them instead of hurting and leaving them to suffer. I can’t help everyone who suffers as some people don’t want the help they are used to suffering a pushing people away. If I can get my story out there even send a strong message of love and peace I will be happy with myself. Life is about learning and I am learning everyday. Noone is born with knowledge we simply learn as we grow.

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